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Salt Spray
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2015 Program
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The next salt spray and cyclic workshops will be coming soon. Click here to learn more or to sign up.

 Salt Spray Testing

Salt Spray Testing is a specialized test used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of paints, coatings, or electrical connections. Learn more...

National Exposure Testing
3211 Centennial Road
Sylvania, OH 43560 USA
Phone: 419-841-1065
Fax: 419-841-8716

Proficiency Testing Supplies
2015 Proficiency Program

We are now accepting enrollment for the 2015 Proficiency Program.

To register please click here and fill out our registration form.

2015 Program

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Proficiency Testing

Material Testing

National Exposure Testing is one of the largest A2LA-accredited corrosion testing laboratories in Ohio. We specialize in Salt Spray, Cyclic Corrosion, CASS, Humidity, Fillform, and Kesternich testing.

Scope of Accreditation

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Testing Supplies

From Arizona dust to mass loss coupons, National Exposure Testing carries a complete line of supplies and premixed solutions for a variety of testing procedures.

Testing Supplies


NET Products and Services

Our facility can test to a wide variety of ASTM, GM, Ford, and Chrysler standards, including corrosion, physical and life cycle testing. We also offer a full line of testing supplies, including premixed and certified testing solutions, scribe tables and tools, test racks and control panels. Please visit our sections on workshops, proficiency testing, and testing supplies to learn more.

Proficiency Testing Available!!

ASTM B117-Salt Spray
ASTM D523 Gloss
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A2LA - Accredited Testing Laboratory

Valid To:     October 31, 2015

Certificate Number:     1197-01