National Exposure Testing carries a complete line of testing supplies and premixed solutions for your lab. If you require testing supplies not listed below, please contact us. We may carry them or be able to locate them for you. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Material Testing

National Exposure Testing is one of the largest corrosion testing laboratories in Ohio. We specialize in Salt Spray, Cyclic Corrosion, CASS, Humidity, Fillform, and Kesternich testing.

Proficiency Program

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Testing Supplies

From Arizona dust to mass loss coupons, National Exposure Testing carries a complete line of supplies and premixed solutions for a variety of testing procedures.

National Exposure Testing
3211 Centennial Road
Sylvania, OH 43560 USA
Phone: 419-841-1065

Premixed Solutions

Premixed Salt Solution
• Concentrations of 1%, 5% and 20% available
• Premixed CASS Solution (ASTM B368)
• Complex Salt Solutions such as GM9540P, GMW14872 and SAE J2334
• Deionized Water (ASTM D1193 Type IV)

TESTING SUPPLIES PRICE LIST          Effective: January 2023

The shipping weight for the 20% salt solution is 550 lbs. per drum. All of the other drums listed below ship at 500 lbs. per drum.
Unless otherwise specified, all of the drums are 24”x24”x36” plastic drums.

A 4% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions.

Testing SolutionsPriceTest Method/Application
0.5% Salt Solution $105.00/55 gal. DrumFord TM 00.00-L-467
5% Salt Solution $175.00/55 gal. DrumASTM B117
20% Salt Solution $215.00/55 gal. DrumASTM C1503
CASS Solution $ 235.00/55 gal. DrumASTM B368
Deionized Water $100.00/55 gal. DrumASTM D1193, Type IV
Complex Salt Solution $225.00/55 gal. DrumGM 9540P
Complex Salt Solution $225.00/55 gal. DrumSAE J2334
Complex Salt Solution $225.00/55 gal. DrumGMW14872
Acetic Acid Salt Solution$225.00/55 gal. DrumASTM G85, Annex 1
Acidified Synthetic Seawater$490.00/55 gal. DrumASTM G85 Annex 3
Dilute Electrolyte Solution$225.00/55 gal. DrumASTM G85 Annex 5

Testing SuppliesPrice Test Method  Application
Sodium Chloride - 50 lb. bag $55.00ASTM B117
Scribe Tool - Hand Held Carbide Tip  $75.00ASTM D1654
Fine Arizona Dust$100.00/3.5 kg jarSAE J575, GM 9103P
Coarse Arizona Dust$100.00/4.5 kg jarSAE J575, GM 9103P

Mass Loss Panels & Coupons PriceTest Method Application
SAE 1008 $45.00 pkg of 10ASTM B117
SAE 1008-1010 Steel (1/16")$40.00 pkg of 10(1/16”)GM9540P, SAE J2334
SAE 1008-1010 Steel (1/8")$48.00 pkg of 10 (1/8”)GMW14872, SAE J2334, Tesla TP-0000808
Nickel Panels $120.00 pkg of 4ASTM B368
Test Panel Trays $40.00 
Mass Loss Holder  -10 hole   -15 deg angle $85.00GMW14872, GM9540P, SAE J2334
6° Angle Rack$51.00MIL-DTL-5541F

Polypropylene graduated cylinder (B117 Collection Rates)$18.00
3/8” OD Polyethylene Tubing for salt fog chambers 100’ roll $60.00
Collector Funnel 100mm per ASTM B117 specification$12.00
Ph Meter for B117 Collections $125.00
Ph Buffer Solution 4.0 - 500 mlBy Quotation
Ph Buffer Solution 7.0 - 500 mlBy Quotation
Hydrometer 150mm Long Specific Gravity (1.0-1.07)$115.00

Gravelometer SuppliesPrice
Cast Steel Shot SAE J444 - 20lbs$65.00
Standard Gravel SAE J400 - 35lbs$65.00
Crushed Granite #6  - 10lbs$65.00
Crushed Granite #7 - 10lbs$65.00